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Welcome to Thorni Ridge Exotics., the top premiere Kansas City Petting Zoo. We provide petting zoos and a fun, educational experience for people of all ages. We are available for you, serving all Misouri and Eastern Kansas areas. Anyone can gather a few animals, make a website, and try to pass it off as an ethical and safe petting zoo. Thorni Ridge Exotics is different. Our reputation for animal welfare and audience safety is coupled with our affiliation with reputable zoological organizations. We bring the zoo to your birthday, festival, library, or school so you can take a walk on the Wild Side. We offer a mobile petting zoo with exotic animals that will amaze and captivate an audience of all ages and educational levels. Our Lemurs, Kangaroos, and other exotics will entertain without fail and allow all animal enthusiasts to learn something new. Thorni Ridge Exotics is comprised of the Kansas City Petting Zoo and Misouri Petting Zoo. Thorni Ridge Exotics is based in Kansas City. We are privately owned and are rapidly expanding. We understand that some non-profits run solely on grants and donations from others in the community who support their programs, and that some schools and libraries have low budgets. Thanks to your generous donations, we can give some free programs to these institutions. Thorni Ridge Exotics makes contributions in all areas that we feel will make a positive impact on the future of our planet. Our first priority is to support schools with low budgets. If you are part of a school with a low budget, we invite you to go to our Contact page and apply for a petting zoo.

We offer a Combination Of Domesticated Animals And Wild Species. All your events will take a Walk On The Wild Side with our animals. We are committed to teaching children and adults about wildlife. Petting zoos have always been a big hit. Of course it’s not just about the fun of seeing exotic animals up close. In our petting zoos we want the kids to learn about them in the process and to be inspired to do great things as adults to help preserve our home, Earth. Primarily we service the state of Missouri and Eastern Kansas.

Birthday Parties

MOST POPULAR PACKAGE:‭ ‬Two hour petting zoo‭ & ‬pony ride.‭ ‬Includes an assortment of all our Exotic babies,‭ ‬handler for the petting zoo and pony ride,‭ ‬cups of animal feed.‭ ‬‭ ‬Assortment of animals can include:
Fainting and Pygmy goats,‭ ‬Potbellied pigs,‭ ‬llama,‭ ‬Alpaca,‭ ‬Kangaroo or Wallaby,‭ ‬Lemur,‭ ‬African Spurred Tortoise,‭ ‬Flemish rabbits,‭ ‬Zebra,‭ ‬Camel,‭ ‬Eland,‭ Nilgai,‭ ‬Water Buffalo,‭ ‬Bison,‭ ‬Elk,‭ ‬Fallow deer,‭ ‬African Crested Porcupine.‭

Hand sanitizer is provided with every petting zoo or pony ride.


PETTING ZOO Only‭ ‬COST‭…‬.$475.00

PONY ONLY PARTY:‭ ‬Two hour pony ride.‭ ‬Cost‭ ‬450.00

Most of our birthday parties average‭ ‬15‭ ‬to‭ ‬30‭ ‬children but have had as many as‭ ‬75‭! ‬One pony is generally sufficient unless you wish birthday person to have their‭ “‬own‭” ‬pony.‭ ‬We can very comfortably give‭ ‬30‭ ‬pony rides in the hour time.‭ ‬When booking a‭ ‬50%‭ ‬deposit is required to confirm time and date with balance due day of party.‭

Here is what we need from you:‭
It is necessary to pull our truck and livestock trailer to area you desire petting zoo.‭ ‬Once truck and trailer are in place the pony rides can be given next to petting zoo or adjacent area.‭
-We prefer doing the petting zoo on grass‭ (‬although a hard surface is possible‭) ‬requiring a minimum space of‭ ‬20‭’ ‬by‭ ‬20‭’ ‬off side of livestock trailer.‭ ‬Truck and trailer need not be on grass.‭ ‬If on a hard surface or if necessary for us to carry animals and/or fencing there is an additional charge of‭ ‬$150.

WHEN WE ARRIVE:‭ ‬Our handlers will set the panels up outside the livestock trailer.‭ ‬They open the door and the exotic animal experience will start.‭ ‬The children and all guests armed with cups of feed are welcome to come right up to all the anxious babies.‭ ‬Once the petting zoo is started the pony is saddled and all the kids are invited for a pony ride.


Additional options:

Bounce house rentals.

Photo Kiosk:‭ ‬getting your picture with a kangaroo/‭ ‬wallaby‭ ‬/‭ lemur‭ ‬/‭ baby ‬alligator


We educate children so that one day, they can make our ideal world a reality.

My daughter’s first birthday party was Peppa Pig themed and decided to hire this company to come to our event with pigs. They came with not only the two pigs I requested, but brought such a cute selection of other animals! Everyone (including myself) was so happy with them! I HIGHLY recommended them for any party…


Thank you SO much, Kansas City Petting Zoo! you guys got here early to set up and gave the kids and me an amazing experience. It is apparent that these animals are loved and well taken care of. Employees were educated and enthusiastic about their work. I would recommend you guys to everybody that…

Karen W

This is honestly my favorite company. Seriously people, hire Kansas City Petting Zoo for your kind’s party. You’ll never see them so excited. 


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